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Product Description Pretreat 9594 is an anionic, high molecular weight performance coagulant with Dual-purpose function. It can also be used as a filter aid, where most conventional filter aids fail.

Pretreat 9594 can be used in wide variety of solid-liquid separations like effluent water, suspended particles from raw water, oil water emulsion, low turbidity waters. In most applicants it can be used alone, and or with alum.

Recommended dosage varies between 0.25ppm to 0.5ppm for coagulation aid & 10-30 ppm for filtration aid.

Physical Properties Appearance : white free flowing granules
pH : 8.0 – 10.0
Solubility : Fully water soluble
Nature : Highly anionic
Typical Dosage The use level will vary according to solid content in the system to be treated. Normally the dosage will be in the region of 0.25 to 1.0 ppm for coagulation And 1 to 5 ppm for use as a filter aid.
Handling & Safety Pretreat 9594 should be handled like any other industrial chemical such as, acids or alkalis. Safety shoes, gloves and face masks should be worne while handling the product. Direct contact with skin should be avoided. In case of accidental splash, wash the affected area with plenty of fresh water and get immediate medical attention. In case of spills, wash the area with plenty of water.
Environmental safety Pretreat 9594 contains ingredients, which are non toxic and non polluting at suggested use levels. They are auto degradable and bio degradable. Water treated with Pretreat 9594 can be safely discharged into any waste stream, without need for any post treatment.
Storage Pretreat 9594 should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, sources of heat or moisture.
Shipping Pretreat 9594 is shipped in 50/25 liters HDPE containers

Important: Information given above are in good faith and for the benefit of the user only. Physical properties are indicative and are to vary. However, this shall not influence the product performance.